Rotary Wiper

ROTARY WIPER makes it possible to view the production process clearly within the machine enclosure.
Window always gets dirty because of oils, coolants and chips.
By installing Rotary Wiper, even large amount of coolants, etc., will not prevent an operator from being able to observe set-ups and production runs of all sorts.

■Improved Visibility
■Less Air Consumption & Lower Noise Level
■Easier Maintenance Work
■Improved Sealing Performance against Coolant

Dimensional Drawing


Product Product name Rotary Wiper
Model name RW-V2
Driven by Air
Type Bolt type w/tube 2.5m RW-V2-25
w/tube 5m RW-V2-50
Tape type w/tube 2.5m RW-V2-T25
w/tube 5m RW-V2-T50
Way of installation Bolt type M4 bolt×8 pcs.
Tape type Strong double sided tape
Dimensions (㎜) ※1 Maximum dimension (Not included projection parts, tube) φ250×39.5
Window diameter φ208
Mounting flange part  (O.D×I.D.) φ250×φ208
Bolt holes to be drilled through machine's window (Bolt type) φ5(for M4)×8pcs. PCD228
Weight (g) Body (Not included tube) 1,500
Material Parts for structure Alminum
Window Strengthened glass
Air tube (w/protection shield) Material Polyurethane
Diameters (O.D.×I.D.) φ6㎜×φ4㎜
Length 2.5m or 5m
Coolant adaptable Type Oily coolant and water soluble coolant
The others This product does not contain following substances.
・Asbestos ・Hexavalent chromium compound ・Lead compound

(※1)Major dimensions of this product are identical with the previous model, 'RW-V1'. Thus you can directly replace from 'RW-V1 (Bolt type)' to this product, 'RW-V2 (Bolt type)'.