Pioneer products

Diaphragm Type High Precision Air Chuck

Diaphragm Chuck is to clamp the workpiece as soft as possible, and evenly, to avoid the deformation when clamping by utilizing the tensile strength of special material used for diaphragm.

Slide Jaw Type Precision Air Chuck

From the vast sales & experience, and the built up technique and know-how therewith, PIONEER deliver precision air chucks most reliable now in the market.

Air Supply Apparatus

Variety of products to meet the requirement for low speed to high speed (12,000 min-1), for movable, for ASA, for high pressure coolant and etc are available. Special is available on request.

ROTARY WIPER makes it possible to view the production process clearly within the machine enclosure.

It can be easily installed with the machine at an affordable cost, and can detect the breakage of drill, tap and reamer. The sensor is bracket-mounted close to the tool easily and conveniently.

Hydraulic Booster(miniBOOSTER) is a oscillating booster. They automatically intensify the system pressure giving a higher outlet pressure and will compensate for oil loss on the high pressure side.

Information on product catalogs

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